“Creative liberation is about being true to ourselves, to our own nature as unique, creative, living beings.“

We are all creative people.

Sometimes, though, barriers emerge in our lives, preventing us from expressing our innate, unique creativity.

This does not have to be a permanent situation. We want to help you find your ways through these blocks and reclaim your creative freedom.

Creative wellness is closer than it might appear right now and we’d love to help you reach it.

We come to this as artists – not therapists – who have been through block and come out the other side. We developed a set of practical techniques and strategies to achieve this: these form the basis of our programmes.

Creative Wings to Fly offers creativity coaching, courses and retreats designed to help you get your artistic expression back on track, find new expression and start really enjoying your creativity again.

 Our first online course – Creative Wings to Fly, course 1 – is now available.

You can watch a short introduction in our video  

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We also offer live in-person and on-line classes, workshops and retreats

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